Our Team

In our industry, relationships matter, and that’s where having a team of long-standing, talented, committed and multi-lingual professionals comes in. The team at Pacific Destinations have decades of experience and are passionate about bringing you the best experiences within New Zealand, Fiji, the greater Pacific Islands and Australia.

Executive Chairman

A respected industry professional with decades of experience under his belt across both New Zealand and Australian tourism markets, Graeme established Pacific Destinations in 1996 with a vision to create a tourism company with a difference.

Managing Director - New Zealand

With experience in General Management of a large multi-national hotel chain, and 20 years with Pacific Destinations, Mark leads a dedicated and experienced service team with extensive knowledge of the South Pacific inbound Industry. Currently a Board member of the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand.

General Manager - Asia

With 18 years specialising in group travel, Stephen brings an extensive amount of expertise in the areas of Product and Operations. Stephen has a wealth of knowledge throughout NZ and the wider region and he is passionate about delivering the best travel experiences possible to your clients.


Trent Harnett

General Manager - New Zealand

With a strong background in senior Marketing and General Management roles with large service based brands in New Zealand and the UK, Trent leads the Operations, Sales and Marketing areas of the New Zealand team as well as the the strategy and development of our  service delivery platforms.